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School Band Performance at Caisa - 1st March,2013


Amazing performances by our school band (Maria, Eliott, Aleksi, Olivier, Tomi, Loriana and Thorgan)  and also  Jasmiina Vainio S2/FR at Caisa

Winter Sport's Day - 6th March


The day full of activities like skiing,skating and lots of other sports. Waiting enthusiastically for the day!

Diversity workshops whole week





World Education Games - UNICEF

5th March

6th March

7th March

Valentine's day ..Also celebrated as Friendship day in Finland.

14th Feb..




First Penkkarit in our school


The Penkkari day signifies the end of regular school work in the last grade of the general upper secondary schools. The students largely move to a period of independent study to prepare for the Finnish Matriculation Examination, a national final examination in general upper secondary education, which universities can use in their student selection and acceptance process.

Winter Sports Day


Healthy Competition


The Kalevala– the national epic of the Finns

The first edition of the Kalevala appeared in 1835. The Kalevala is based on folk poetry collected and written down by Elias Lönnrot from Finnish and Karelian singers from the 1820s up until the 1840s. Inspired by his later collecting trips and the folk poetry recorded by others, Lönnrot decided to broaden his epic to create a more extensive whole. The second edition of the Kalevala appeared in December 1849. The work contains 22 795 lines of verse divided into 50 distinct cantos. To distinguish between the two editions, the expanded version was referred to as the New Kalevala and the earlier version came to be known as the Old Kalevala

Primary cycle video