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First Penkkarit in our school


The Penkkari day signifies the end of regular school work in the last grade of the general upper secondary schools. The students largely move to a period of independent study to prepare for the Finnish Matriculation Examination, a national final examination in general upper secondary education, which universities can use in their student selection and acceptance process.

Primary cycle video



UNICEF Kävely / Walk / Marche

How to donate to UNICEF Kävely

The donation page is in Finnish, here is an English summary.
Click on the appropriate link, depending on if you wish to donate to the primary or secondary of ESH.
Once you have followed the link all you need to do is select the amount you wish to donate. You can choose between 8, 15 and 20 euros or you can select 'muu summa' and set the amount you would like to donate.
Where it says 'Sähköposti'  you should enter your email address.
Select 'Siirry maksamaan' to continue to pay.
At this point you can choose your payment method. You can select from Finnish bank accounts to credit card. The payment is secure and is Via Paytrail.
Thanks for your donation!
Peer mediation team