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Peer mediation, which is based on a discussional approach and pupils’ active participation, refers to a peaceful method of solving conflicts and disputes between pupils. In the dialogue, both parties are offered the opportunity to present their views on the matter and to find a solution to the conflict with the help of the mediator. It is essential that the parties themselves find a solution to solve the conflict. Peer mediation is a voluntary method of conflict management.

 The advantage of peer mediation

 Peer mediation is a successful program in Europe and is commonly used in most Finnish schools.

 For pupils:

  • Increased responsibility for their actions
  • Increased commitment to a solution jointly agreed upon
  • Opportunity to learn positive ways to solve conflicts

 For the school:

  • Better  and safer atmosphere for everyone in the school
  • Less time spent on solving conflicts
  • Less pressure to employ disciplinary actions

 Peer mediators at ESH

Pupils from Primary and Secondary are trained to become neutral mediators in order to mediate minor conflicts like fights, name calling etc. Peer mediators always remain outside of the disputes and listen to both parties. It is good if they can speak more than one language, it helps for the communication. Peer mediators always have the support of trained adults and can always talk to them if the case is too difficult or if they don’t know what to do.

 Peer mediation group (teachers)

A peer mediation team of teachers has been created in order to follow, support and handle harder conflicts if necessary. The team meets on a regular basis and works on prevention and organizes events such as Peace day.