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The special needs teacher (SEN teacher) is responsible for giving intensified support and individual teaching, he or she consults with the class/subject teachers, participates in writing ILP:s  and is part of the school’s welfare group.

The SEN teacher in ESH works with pupils in all age groups (nursery-secondary) in all the language sections (Finnish, English, French). Those referred to the SEN teacher are mostly students with language/communication problems, difficulties in mathematics, or minor speech difficulties.  Usually the student can have 1-2 lessons per week with the SEN teacher, either one-to-one or in a smaller group (2-4 students).  Emphasis is put on P1-2, especially phonics/learning to read and basic mathematical skills, because they will be the foundation for everything that follows.

The SEN teacher will work with SEN students according to the individual needs of the students, in agreement with the parents and the teacher.  Support forms will be decided on a case by case basis.