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In ESH you can study mathematics in advanced level in an inspiring and international learning environment. We offer lessons in the three languages of the school (English, Finnish and French). We follow the program of the European school system. After the 4th year of secondary the pupils can choose differentiated levels (elementary, standard and advanced level) in mathematics according to their motivation and aims.

For the years S4-S5 student can choose elementary level (4 periods/week) or standard level (6 periods/week). For the years S6-S7 elementary level is 3 periods and standard level is 5 periods. Also, for those who have chosen standard level, it is possible to choose additional advanced level (3 periods) for the years S6-S7.

The syllabus of the standard level covers topics such as geometry, algebra, analysis (differentiation and integration), sequences and series, probability, statistics, analytical geometry and vectors. The content of the standard level course corresponds to the Finnish long mathematics course (pitkä matematiikka). In addition our syllabus includes complex numbers and it goes further in analysis and in analytical geometry in the plane and in the space.

Regarding the elementary level, it is similar to the Finnish short mathematics course (lyhyt matematiikka). In addition our syllabus includes more on statistics, differentiation and finally integration which is not part of Finnish syllabus.

Our teaching is personalised due to our small teaching groups. We apply several methods and implement technology to support our teaching:

  •  Graphical calculator (in S4-S7 we use TI-nspire CAS calculator)
  •  Use of ICT
  •  Learning with interactive white boards
  •  Kinaesthetic activies
  •  Learning games

Students of ESH have the chance to participate to the European mathematical competitions, such as Finnish MAOL competition, French Mathématiques Sans Frontières and many more.

We follow the program of the European school system.