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The central theme of Physical Education is to promote the potential for pupils' development through exercise, games, performance and health within a safe and structured environment. They are to be offered as experiences through the contents of sports disciplines.

Physical Education always includes social relations, emotions and cognition. In this way Physical Education can positively encourage cultural interaction and friendship.

Aims of the syllabus:

  • develop a positive attitude towards sporting activities in order to encourage life-long participation
  • develop appropriate motor skills 
  • develop a personal level of physical fitness and enough knowledge to allow the pupil to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle
  • promote self-reliance, personal initiative and self-confidence
  • foster an appreciation of the value of sportsmanship and responsibility
  • develop an appreciation of one's own and others' capabilities, potential and limits

Within this structure the aim is to provide positive attitudes and practice towards physical activities and sport. The goal is realised through basic motor skills, social competences, playing competences, competitive competences, health and physical fitness competences.

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We follow the program of the European school system.