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At European School of Helsinki, the work experience is an obligatory project during the S5. The work experience lasts one week and takes place in January.

The work experience project aims mainly at offering pupils an experience in a working environment where they will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and their personal and social skills. It is not intended as training for a particular career, but it can be used as a part of a pupil’s preparation for his/her future area of interest.

The pupils are invited to look for a work place themselves and are backed up in all matters concerning this work experience project by their appointed personal tutor/teacher in the school. During work experience, the pupils are encouraged to work and observe the structure of their place of employment and the working practices of various types of employees. At the work place, the pupils should conduct an interview with someone working there. Afterwards they are asked to write a report, which will be part of the evaluation of the work experience project and be useful for the follow-up work done in the career guidance. At the end of the project, all participating students receive a certificate attesting their work experience.

The pupils are not allowed to be paid for their work experience since it takes place during the school year and is part of their education. In all work places approved by the school management, the school insurance covers the pupils for the whole period of the work experience.

The procedure which has to be followed is described below:

  • pupils look for a place of employment themselves
  • an agreement, instructions for lunch, interview questions and a model of report will be given to the pupil