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The mission of the European School of Helsinki is to offer diverse and high-quality education and instruction for children and young people coming from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Our objectives are:

  • to give pupils confidence in their own cultural identity for their development as European citizens and internationally;
  • to promote diversity, fairness and equality in order to combat any forms of discrimination in all that we do;
  • to establish a culture of high expectations which encourages pupils to aspire to the highest possible standards of achievement through enjoyable learning experiences up to the European Baccalaureate;

 Educational principles:

  • to develop high standards in the mother tongue and in foreign languages;
  • to develop mathematical and scientific skills throughout the whole period of schooling;
  • to develop pupils’ media and technical skills in information and communication technology (ICT);
  • to encourage a European and global perspective overall and particularly in the study of the human sciences;
  • to encourage creativity in music and visual arts, and show appreciation of all that is best in a common European artistic heritage;


  • to provide a safe, healthy, secure, pleasant and supportive environment for all members of the school community;
  • to provide encouragement for every student to play a full and active role in the school community;
  • to promote the idea of support via our pastoral systems and by striving for close relations with our local, national and international communities;
  • to promote awareness of healthy lifestyles, provide appropriate opportunities and support to facilitate students’ physical development;
  • to provide appropriate extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities to enable students to make a positive contribution to the school and society;
  • to prepare students for their future life as active and responsible citizens and by providing appropriate information, advice and guidance;
  • to strive continually to improve all aspects of school life for the whole school community.